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When you have bigger boobies, it can be quit challenging finding a bra you love. I used to only wear sports bra's cause I just couldn't find anything else that gave the support I needed. I've been struggling a lot when it comes down to finding something cute that is also comfortable. Panache is a family run business in England and they make beautiful things for women all shapes and sizes, which makes me so happy! They're so passionate about giving you the right fit and feel and there is literally something for every women out there! They have underwear, swimwear, sportswear and much much more. It feels so good to finally see women all sizes represented in the fashion and lingerie industry! I'm not a Victoria Secret model, which is perfectly fine, but like any other girl, I do love feeling confident, pretty and sexy! The bra I'm wearing is one of my favorite styles. The way it fits, the support, the lace.. it's an absolute dream! It's the 'Marcie' from the Cleo by Panache range. It comes in different styles and colors & i'm pretty sure you love them as much as I do! If you're curious about them you can check them out here.

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