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’she probably thinks she’s pretty, but she’s not, hahah’ ‘Yeah, she acts like she thinks she’s really hot, she's so full of herself it's disgusting '

These are some of the comments I got while i was out and about taking pictures. Two girls walked passed and felt the need to make these rather nasty comments. I stopped what I was doing and asked them what made them feel the need to say things like this. I think I scared them, cause they had no idea i would actually walk over… They looked at each other and said: I dunno?… Now, I could have done and said a lot of hateful things back, cause that would have been the easiest thing I could have done and if I hadn’t changed my mind so much in the last couple of years and still didn’t accept and loved myself, I probably would have. Instead I said, and this was the ONLY thing I said: First of all, SHE has ears and second, the answer to these comments are quit the opposite. You don’t know me and you don’t know my story so before you judge, let me tell you this! SHE has struggled her whole life to love herself and SHE has also been bullied from the age of 6 right up to the end of high school. SHE is also just trying to do something she loves a.k.a blogging and taking pictures, cause SHE is finally at a point in her life where SHE feels god enough about herself to share her struggles with self love, self acceptance, depression, overcoming an eating disorder and what not! I hope you get to a place mentally, where you love yourself enough and feel comfortable with yourself enough that you don’t feel the need to bring others down anymore… ps, have a nice day!

If you love yourself, there is no competition. I started blogging because I would love to help others, cause it's just so sad that there's so many people out there who doubt themselves daily which holds them back from doing what they really want. I'm still guilty of doing this, but writing about it will definitely help to put things in perspective. Even if i can only help one person, that's enough for me. Never be ashamed for who you are, cause you're perfect just the way you are!


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