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As a young girl I would often dream about looking like a VS model, being as pretty as that populair girl in school, just being someone else in general cause I really believed, due to the many years I’ve been bullied & the way media or magazines presented women, I had to become someone else. It’s been quit a journey to say the least, but it’s been so rewarding and I’m proud of the woman i'm becoming. Just a little reminder: Don't for one second think my Instagram or this blog is the way everything in my life is. Yes all these moments happened, but it's only milliseconds combined in a collage. I too get upset, stressed, worried about what my life is going to turn out like, what's gonna happen in the next five years, I'm only human.

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Hello Darlings!! I'm so excited to be finally sharing this!!! I've teamed up with ideal of Sweden which means I've got a little present for you! iDeal Of Sweden blends all kinds of fashionable cases in this year's colors and patterns with amazing functional and Swedish styled wallets. I've got the Navy Mayfair Clutch, but they have many more cute ones to match your phone and your outfit! Mix and match to create your perfect combination!! I've collaged my favorite cases, I think they're a must have for this seasons fashion! Use code ELINE20 here and get 20% off your purchase at their amazing web shop, seriously, it's like a candy store for phone cases! Which one do you love most?

Much love!! xx



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About a week ago I posted this breakfast on my instastory and a few of you asked how i make these so called 'smoothie bowls'. I like to call them Bliss Bowls, cause they're so amazing and an absolute bliss! Thought it would be fun to put a recipe up for a change! So here it goes!

Please try this at home! It's absolutely yummy and healthy as well!!

1: blend a large banana with frozen blueberries and a little bit of coconut milk

2: you should end up with a very thick smoothie, if not, add more blueberries!!

3: pour into a bowl and decorate with any goodies you like!! Fresh fruit, chocolate, chia seeds, coconut, granola,dates,cacao nibs... anything!

I love going to the market on Saturdays and buy all kinds of fruits a veggies to make recipes like these.

Enjoy summer in a bowl🌈