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​Hello friday & hello you!

So a few of you asked me which places i visited when i was in Curaçao and if i had some tips for nice places to go to! I think i took about a million pictures, okay not actually a million, but i did take a lot! I still have so many left that I haven't shared with you, so i thought it would be fun to show you some and share the left overs ;) If you go to Curacao, which i highly recommend cause it's absolutely amazing there are a couple of places you MUST see and do! 

1: Klein Curacao ( little island just 2 hours by boat, which is heaven on earth! Take mermaid boat trips to take you there. They're such nice people and they take great care of you!

2: Punda, it's the city where all the colorful houses are and the famous Koningin Emma bridge 

3: Kleine Knip, a beautiful little bay! You must rent a car while you're there cause otherwise you won't be able to get there. You could take a taxi, but it's quit expensive!

4: Zest, my favorite restaurant on the island!

5: Zanzibar! If you like going out and dancing on the beach, then this is def a place you wanna go to! It's in Jan Thiel baai, which is quit a popular area.

6: Mambo beach. A lovely beach with lots of bars and little shops ;) ( gotta do some shopping right ladies? ;) )

7: Coral estate. Beautiful area with some amazing villa's and great places to eat at. Karakter is a real nice restaurant and after you've eaten you can chill on their private beach area. 

8: Sunset boat trip. You've seen this in another blog, but it was def one of my favorite things to do!

Other than the things I mentioned above, there's plenty more to do, plenty more trips you could do, but these were just the things that stuck with me the most. If you have any questions, of course ill be happy to answer! 

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One of my favorite go to outfits are jeans and a t-shirt. Simple comfortable, pretty much what I wear most! You can dress it up, or dress it down, but a good pair of jeans is a girl's best friend! I haven't always been comfortable with posting pictures of myself or just wearing what I want. There were times when I was really afraid of what people would think of me or if they liked the things I wear or the way i am... I used to only wear black and grey so I didn't stand out. I can for sure say that my life has changed so much since I just accepted myself or at least made an attempt, flaws and all. It's impossible to make everyone like you and to be honest, this should never be your goal. It would be a shame not to be different or not to make a difference while you have every chance to do so, every day! It feels so great to now wear whatever I want and feel comfortable in it.

Today I am reminding myself of this:

My soul is beautiful, my mind is powerful, my heart is made of freaking gold & I have so many good things going for me that I will not waste another minute of my precious time worrying about what people think of me and not doing the things I love to do. So to all the ''Femmes Fatales'' out there who sometimes worry just a bit too much, neither should you!

Hope your having an amazing day!
Much love Eline Emma



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The weekend has been quit a busy one, so time to relax! I love my morning coffee, so when I have the chance and it's not raining, I love to spend time in my garden. Last Friday I went to a concert of my true childhood hero, Celine Dion, don't laugh at me ;) I've been wanting to see her perform live since I was 6 years old. It has truly been amazing! Definately everything I hoped for! Time to get ready for another crazy busy week, but for now, ill be here, in my garden, drinking my coffee!

Have a great day ✨✨